AND BUSINESS support services


Individual tutoring and training programmes in business and project management.

Project Support

Assistance to resolve projects in trouble and with the planning, execution, monitoring and control and closing of projects.

Procurement Support

Assistance to ensure compliance
of your business with the Procurement Act.

Spiritual & Personal Development

This area is important for us as it facilitates personal growth and business health.

Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services (FFTS) core areas include Business, Project management – inclusive of Change Management, Strategic Planning and Spiritual and Personal Development.  Theresa B Frederick is the Principal Consultant.  She is a Business, Project Management and Strategic Management Consultant.  FFTS is here to help you to:

  • Plan and Implement Projects
  • Ensure Your Company’s Compliance with the Procurement Act 2015
  • Fix Projects which are Experiencing Problems
  • Acquire Training in Business and Project Management

Check out my YouTube channel for videos on Implementing the Procurement Act

I have started a series of videos on the implementation of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act 2015 and its amendments.  This video makes the point that the span of control of the Office of Procurement Regulation is too wide and this can affect its ability to manage high value high impact projects. Click on the video to go to YouTube.  My channel is called Growing businesses with projects.  You can visit it for all the videos that deal with this topic. If this seems to be something you want hit the SUBSCRIBE button and I will see you in the comments.  

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Individual and group training Programmes - Online or in person

This addresses any need identified by the company. The exercises given, help them to come up with solutions to the isssues the company is facing.

Here also work with persons to resolve areas of weakness and/or to build skills needed for the world of work or to enhance their business.

Individual or Group Coaching sessions

In this ever changing enviornment, individuals and organizations often realize they do not have the skill sets to make the changes needed for survival and/or realizations of goals.

FFTS works to empower individuals or leadres with their teams, to refine their strategic and other goals and implement much needed changes in their organizations.


This can be in response to a Terms of Reference issued by the company or direct request of the company.
We provide an objective eye to guide businesses. Our mix of relevant skills include project management, business management, strategic planning and life skills development FFTS works closely with business owners and managers to help identify challenges, offer advice, and propose practical solutions. Know benefits include cost savings, improved processes and workable systems.

Support re Assistance with the preparation of business plans, proposals, manuals, handbooks, reports and other documents

The skill set of Ms Frederick and experience as reflected in her completed projects allow her to be able to easily prepare funding and other proposals, manuals, policy and other documents, etc

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