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In this ever-changing environment, individuals and organizations often realize they do not have the skill sets to make the changes needed for survival and/or realizations of goals.

FTS recognizes the importance of coaching to help develop individuals across a wide range of organizational units and needs.  Coaching helps not only the organization but also the individuals at a personal level.

Our coaching programmes can boost self-confidence to facilitate the application of these new skills, improve work performance and build effective communication skills.  

FFTS works to empower individuals or leaders with their teams, to refine their strategic and other goals and implement much needed changes in their organizations.

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For inquiries about our coaching services, please contact us either in person or online.   This will allow us to

  • Agree on a way forward
  • Determine your requirements
  • Determine the services to be provided given your situation/issues.

You may use our mobile number 1868 350 9456 or fill out the Contact Form