Spiritual and Personal Development

Spiritual and Personal DevelopmentThis key business area of spiritual and personal development came about based on the recognition that knowledge of Business and Project management alone does not necessarily lead to success.  Many businesses fail, not because of poor business choice but because of the entrepreneur. – Seven reasons why most entrepreneurs fail in business.  <br>

This site will be concentrating to a greater extent on these two areas.

In the personal development area, we will write several blogs on life skills development.  These are the skills that will help you to live happy, healthy and productive lives.  I invite you to visit my blog on life skills development so you can see what we will teach you in this area.<br>

Unfortunately many of the issues that keep us back in business cannot just be settled by learning life skills.  There is a spiritual dimension that often has to be addressed when things like fear become uppermost in your life and adversely influence your decision making.

Myles Munroe said “The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure within you that must come out. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still within YOU.”  This speaks to the fact that many persons with both knowledge and potential never achieve their potential because they are not able to move forward with their plans.  Often this is because of things like fear, negative self talk, discouragement of others, etc.  All of these can also be addressed from a biblical standpoint, hence we will be discussing these issues and give you keys to overcome them from both life skills teachings and the Bible.

Another famous quote of Myles Monroe is “Don’t be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God’s altitude for your life.”   This suggests that God has a good plan for you and it is your responsibility to work with God to achieve your potential.