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FFTS provides a wide range of training options in the areas of project management, business management and life skills development. Our training programmes can be customized to meet the strategic needs of the organizations and the advancement of individuals personal goals.

We provide training online or in person.  We also provide individual training programmes or programmes for groups.  Our focus is ensuring that the option chosen is in the best interest of our clients.  

A distinguishing feature of our training is that knowledge is transferred and participants are able to apply what they have learnt to their job and work situations.

We work out cost affordable packages especially for individual training programmes.  

For more details on the many training programmes available click the following button.  Please note that you can request programmes not listed.

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For inquiries about our training programmes, please contact us.  This will allow us to:

  • Agree on a way forward
  • Determine your requirements
  • Determine the training programme to be provided given your situation/issues.

You may use our mobile number 1868 350 9456 or fill out the Contact Form