Taking your business to the next level

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

 Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services has prepared this programme entitled “Taking Your Business to the Next Level,” for business persons who wish to take their business to the next level. 

Many business persons have been performing well but have been at the same level and need to re-engineer their business to take it to the next level.

This programme is aimed at owners of existing business and will deal primarily with how to:

  • Move an existing business from a state of stagnation to a mode of growth.
  • Assist an existing business that has been operating profitably at one level but now wants to expand its range of products, customers, markets, etc
  • Assist businesses to cope with new challenges e.g. increased or new competition, additional requirements for doing businesses i.e. new regulations, etc


  •  To highlight the factors which affect the development of a business
  • To understand the requirements for successfully leading a business through its various stages of growth and development
  • To balance the entrepreneurial spirit with leadership competencies for sustainable business development


  1. Participants will have an understanding of:
    1. The stages of development of small businesses
    2. The role of strategic planning in business growth and development
    3. The requirements for the growth and development of small businesses.
  1. Participants will be equipped with the tools required to improve their business performance and facilitate its growth and development
  1. Participants will be in a position to develop and maintain control systems so as to ensure improved business performance
  1. There will be the sharing of ‘best practices’ in small business development


Business owners, strategic managers, business leaders, aspiring business leaders.  It will deal primarily with ho


It is a Six-day programme.  The programme will be sufficiently spaced to allow for the implementation of things taught and feedback on them.


  • Participants are keen to become more competent and to apply new methods and techniques in their businesses.
  • There is the potential for business expansion within the sectors the businesses operate in.
  • Participants recognize that they may need to undertake further training in areas that are crucial to the success of their business and are willing to identify areas that they are weak in and to acquire/source the required skills.