ffts support

This service is aimed at providing assistance to businesses and individuals who are working on matters and they are either stuck or require some expert help. 

It is not aimed at full time employment at the business but virtual and sometimes onsite assistance with particular activities.

Such activities can include assistance with the preparation of business plans, manuals, proposals, handbooks, reports and other documents.

The skill set of Ms Frederick and experiences as reflected in her completed projects/work allow her to be able to easily prepare funding and other proposals, manuals, policy and other documents, etc.

To access our support services
send us a message

For inquiries about our support services, please contact us either in person or online.   This will allow us to

  • Agree on a way forward
  • Determine your requirements
  • Determine the services to be provided given your situation/issues.

You may use our mobile number 1868 350 9456 or fill out the Contact Form