Life Skills Development

life skills development We help you to develop the skills that are essential for you to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.  Such training is very critical today as on a daily basis you face many challenges and often have to reach inside of yourself for the resources to cope with them. We will teach you:
  • Personal skills – this helps you to stay healthy in mind and body and embodies personal development and empowerment, motivation and emotional intelligence, relaxation, time management building confidence and self-esteem etc.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills – these help you to communicate and interact with other people and help you to be successful in your professional and personal life.  This also allows us to gain employment as today employers often require persons with strong interpersonal skills who can work well in teams and communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and clients
  • Presentation skills–  You can have the best ideas but will not be able to realize them unless you are able to get your message or opinion across to persons to whom they are directed.  Often in business and in your personal life you may be asked to make a presentation. We teach you how to write the presentation, equip you with presentation skills and discuss with you how to manage the event.
  • Leadership skills – We equip you to Lead, motivate and inspire teams to reach new heights and improve performance as well as develop and implement the required systems inclusive of coaching programs to ignite passion in your employees
  • Writing skills– inclusive of job search activities-We will help you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience.  More and more employers are looking for persons with creative abilities who can properly portray them.
  • Change management skills –  Covid 19 has taught us that things can happen that you could not have expected and you have to be able to respond.  keys to responding are doing research so that you know the opportunities and threats ahead, active lisctening, strategic thinking, measurement and analysis and being able to acquire resoursces and manage people. For more on this check 6 essential skills for successsful change management.
  • Entrepreneurship-we equip you with the skills necessary to start up and operate a successful business.
  • Introduction to project management – project bring about change and in a changing environmnet this is necessary
The intent of the program is to equip you to:
  • Work with other people. Today much work is done in teams and so this is a required skill of employers
  • Be aware of your environment and requirements for its protection and for new labour market skills.  This component also helps you to adopt a system of environmental scanning that will allow you to exploit opportunities and mitigate threats
  • Employ money management techniques
  • Secure employment and/or start a business as entrepreneurship is an employment alternative and is a part of the life skills programme.
  • Develop personal skills inclusive of presentation, goal setting and writing skills to allow you to achieve your objectives
  • Manage change
  • Develop self-management and self-discipline skills
  • Deal more effectively with conflict, stress, drug abuse, etc.
This component is taught by an existing life skills training facilitator.  Previously facilitated the Programme under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education’s Retraining Programme of the Trinidad and Tobago Government and now with Youth Training and Entrepreneurship Programme  YTEPP LTD.