Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Are you one of those persons who have many questions that need to be answered.  Perhaps any one or more of the following questions may be occupying your attention.  The overall question may be, can this company help me to resolve my problems.  Check our post entitled Problems, needs, etc that our clients have and examine the list of questions below to determine whether we are the one for you.

QUESTION ONE –  Is help available to develop a business plan and source funding?
Is it that there is need for additional funds and a business plan has to be developed to support funding requests We can:

  • Assist organizations to source funding for projects/programmes- We will assist them to develop the business plan to source funding and/ or advise on possible sources of funding and the requirements

QUESTION TWO – What can be done when you fulfill all project requirements as contracted to do and the project is a failure?

Have you just completed a project on time, in keeping with the constraints, have produced the deliverable and the project is called a failed project?  the problem that the project was supposed to resolve still exists, the opportunity you hoped to exploit proved a failure, etc.  That is something to scream about.
this is  a sign of poor project design.  There may be several reasons for this:

  • The wrong project was selected – pointing to the need for understanding how to identify and select projects. The problem can be that the deliverable did not achieve the objective for which the project was designed. Projects are done to resolve a problem, exploit an opportunity, meet a legal requirement or satisfy a need. If it was to resolve a problem, it is possible that the project targeted the symptoms and not the causes of the problem and so the project is completed but the problem still exists.
  • The right project was selected but it was poorly designed and did not take into consideration important information or important stakeholders

We can help you.  We can:

  • Examine your strategic plan and ensure that projects are aligned with organizational strategy
  • Perform needs analysis to determine requirements- We will work with you to determine your needs
  • Design projects/programmes to satisfy your requirements- in this we will work together with your key staff and /or other persons of your choosing

QUESTION THREE – Can you help me to deal with projects experiencing problems in implementation?

Is your project in implementation and in chaos or is plagued with problems? We can advise and assist you in executing, monitoring and controlling and closing your projects. We will:

  • Recommend project management tools and techniques to help you to resolve problems you may be having. This is troubleshooting but it can result in improvement in project delivery
  • Help you develop proper procedures and utilize appropriate tools for executing, monitoring and controlling your project
  • We can help you to employ proper report procedures and formats
  • We can advise on closing procedures for projects- closure is just as important as implementation. Poorly closed projects can result in litigation and substantial problems. We will develop closing formats and train you and your staff in their use and in the importance of employing good project closure practices.

QUESTION FOUR –  Can you help to equip my workers to properly plan and implement projects?

Could it be that your workers lack project management training? We will:

  • Design and facilitate training interventions to upgrade the project management knowledge of you and your staff- We will first undertake a needs assessment so we can target areas in which improvement is needed and we will facilitate a training workshop(s) as required.

QUESTION FIVE –  Can you help me to properly evaluate projects that have been completed?
Are you being asked to evaluate projects that have already been completed but which were not done by you?
We can:

  • Train you to evaluate projects/programmes- each project has a project objective. Projects are chosen to achieve business objectives. Evaluation is critical to ensure that both project and business objectives have been achieved and to determine lessons learnt from the project management experience and for reporting to international and other agencies that fund projects. We will provide training and assistance in this very important area.

QUESTION SIX  – If the operating systems in my business systems are not working as they should, can you assist in this area?

Could it be that all your systems did not take into considerations project management tools or techniques and now you want to improve your project management area? We will evaluate your project management area/department, its systems, and procedures and help you to put appropriate systems in place

QUESTION SEVEN – How do you work?  Do I have to hire you for a set period of time?

We can work with you on a continuous basis, for a period of time, or one day or a few days a week. We can just be your mentor on be on call to help you resolve problems. We can work at your office or from my home. We can use the internet so I can advise you over the internet. The option is yours, you decide what you want and we discuss  it to arrive at something we can both accept.


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