Problems, needs, etc that our clients have

We solve our clients’ problems

You may be wondering whether this company, FFTS, is the one that can properly address your needs/resolve your problems/ help you to satisfy legal requirements or to exploit opportunities that you have.

If you are an existing or potential entrepreneurs, project manager/assistant or a professional person who can be described by any of the following, FFTS is the one for you:

Business Start Up and Development Issues

  • You have a lot of business ideas but do not know which one to go forward with and how to test the business idea, complete the planning for the business, establish the business structure or start the business.

  • You have an existing business that is experiencing problems and you need help to identify and resolve the problems and improve business performance.

  • You have an existing business that is performing well but its performance is not at the level that you want it to be and you need help to take it to the next level.

  • You may be in a panic over the recession and want some business advice of things that you can do to successfully adjust to the existing economic situation.

Project Design, Implementation and Closure

  • You know that projects are used to bring about change and have many projects that you need to do to improve your business but you need help in any or all of the following – designing, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing your projects or evaluating them.

  • You are one of many project managers who produce deliverables that are requested by clients but the client is still dissatisfied and/or thy do not meet user requirements.

  • Your project is finished but donors are dissatisfied with the performance of the project and you are having problems with contractors over payment.

Business and Project Management Training

  • You have several persons on your staff with project management training but they cannot apply what is learnt to the design and management of the project

  • Perhaps you are one of many persons who believe you do not manage projects but want to know what project management is all about. I have news for you. Everyone is involved in projects. Having a Christmas function is a project. Many persons perform projects but do not use project management methodology which is guaranteed to ensure more successful projects.  We are able to teach project management in such a way that persons are able to easily understand

  • You may need assistance in training persons in project management, Business management or life skills.

  • You need to make changes in your life and develop the required life skills

If you have any of the above issues, then we are the one for you.  Check Read More to get information on how we are positioned to solve your problems.

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