In 2022, Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services bring you this online training workshop to enable you to start your own business.

This is Five (5) weeks to be held on consecutive Saturdays 

This workshop will show you how to test your business model and give you practical insights into setting up your business.  So be prepared to work on every aspect of setting up a business.  You will be required to do the research and other activities needed to determine whether your business can become a successful one.  Fftsbiz will expose you to best practices from some of the known business experts

Why Such A Workshop?

Many persons receive entrepreneurship training but never start a business. Such training is normally concentrated over a period of one of three consecutive days. This is not enough time to develop and test your business model and does not allow you time for the research needed to confirm that you have a workable business proposition.

In this global environment, it is very difficult for the average person to live comfortably on one source of income, especially if it is a salaried position. It is necessary to establish multiple sources of income and business, as an option, has to be considered. When we look around us, we see that the successful companies have diversified their businesses so that shocks in one business area can be easily offset by their businesses in other areas.

Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services has established this workshop to help potential entrepreneurs or salaried workers who want to go into business to distill their business ideas and be equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to develop/expand/sustain viable businesses.

Our training format emphasizes our belief that you should start your business small and test the business idea.  This should be done before sourcing funding for a business that may not be what the market requires. It emphasizes the importance of preparing for going into business.

You should not leave full-time employment to start a business without putting things in place to ensure its success. You also have to remember that it takes some time for a business to take off and be able to contribute to meeting your personal needs.

Why you should start your business using this workshop?

Theresa Frederick, the Managing director of fftsbiz, has done many entrepreneurship books, one being the adaptation to Trinidad and Tobago of the Start Your business Manual for Potential Entrepreneurs of the International labour Organization (ILO).  This was a joint effort of YTEPP and the ILO.  She also prepared an Entrepreneurial Handbook for YTEPP lecturers.   This Start Your Business Manual for Potential Entrepreneurs will be given to participants and can be used  by them as supplimentary and reference material.   This together with the course handouts will enable them to complete the steps to start their own business.   The course will touch on testing the business model which will allow participants to complete some of the main areas of starting a new business.

Course Objectives- Start your own business workshop

1. To help participants to identify and develop desirable entrepreneurial skills & attitudes.
2. To enable participants to be able to develop and evaluate viable business ideas.
3. To equip participants to prepare a business plan.
4. To empower participants to access funds and markets.
5. To prepare participants to start a business.

Workshop Outcomes

Participants will have an understanding of how to make the small business decision i.e.
i. Assess their entrepreneurial abilities
ii. Identify and assess a business idea inclusive of testing the business model and developing their value proposition.
iii. Prepare a business plan
iv. Determine legal and other issues and put in place systems, etc. to ensure compliance.
v. Put in place an implementation plan for startup activities inclusive of acquiring funding, obtaining resources, and markets, etc.  This area will introduce you to project management
vi. Utilize social media and other web strategies to launch and build the business


• Potential entrepreneurs/individuals wishing to start their own businesses
• Owner(s)/managers of existing businesses which:

are doing well, but who wish to revisit certain critical aspects to further improve their business

which are not doing well and/or  have gone out of business and the owners wish to re-enter the business “arena”


This is a Five (5) workshop for potential business persons to allow them to be able to start a business.   Register for the workshop by clicking the register button below.  You can contact us to discuss subsequent classes or alternative dates.

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