Customer Service Training – How to keep Customers

Course Overview

Customer Service Training- How to keep Customers
Customer Service Training- How to keep Customers

Todays companies have to strategize to survive the impacts of covid 19, the global marketplace and a rapidly changing landscape.  There is therfore an urgent need for them to reinvent themselves, accelerate digital transformation, establish cost structures that help them to remain in business and introduce agility into all their operations.  The small business owners have to be researchers looking clinically at what is happening in their internal and external environments with a view to revisiting their products, service and the many systems they have in place.  A key system is that to service their customers.

Business Survival Guide in an article entitled – Top 5 Reasons why customer service is vital to business success indicated that ” Customer service is the key to success for any business. It is understood from research that 93% of loyal customers are likely to make repeat purchases from a business that offers excellent customer service, and repeat customers return better on investment than any other area by 140%.”

Very often customer service training tends to revolve around appeasing the irate customer.  Conflict resolution and customer service skills building are emphasized in such training.  Good customer service tend to minize conflict situations and erate customers.

For too long customer service training has targeted mainly frontline staff without recognizing that many of the systematic problems that cause customers to be angry cannot be addressed satisfactorily by mainly training front line staff. Organizations must review their existing system of satisfying customer complaints and improve them to ensure promises made by the front line staff to customers are adhered to in the stipulated time frames, etc.  We have to view customer service as a chain of people, responsibilites and systems across the organization and determine where the bottlenecks are and how we can resolve them while equipping front line staff to provide quality customer service.  With more and more business being done online having effective systems to deliver quality customer service online also matters.

Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services developed this course to allow staff to view customer service from the point of view of service delivery.  As such, in addition to the above-mentioned areas, they will recognise that there is the need to develop a plan to improve the level of service delivery by improving the delivery of the chain of activities needed to be done across internal departments to improve customer satisfaction and have successful resolution of their complaints.  It is, therefore, necessary that not only front line staff attend but there be a representative of supervisory staff.

Course objectives

  1. To equip participants with the required customer service skills to provide quality customer service
  2. To make front line staff more aware of their vital role in the service chain and of the needs/requirements of their internal and external customers
  3. To improve the communication flows in their organizations so that relevant and timely information about the organization and its services are known to staff and is accessible to all customers.
  4. To equip staff to handle the various types of customers
  5. To equip organizations to improve their systems and information data bases that are relevant to the delivery of quality customer service
  6. To ensure best practices in online customer service delivery to E-customers

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain what is customer service, its importance, and its requirements
  2. Identify the needs of internal and external customers and provide for these need
  3. Utilize the tools and strategies provided to improve their interactions with customers to get the desired results
  4. Assess their customer service delivery to date and prepare and be able to implement a plan for improvement
  5. Provide superior customer service

Training Approach

Four (4) Module Presentation on Concepts and Tools with exercises aimed at allowing participants to apply material taught to determine why customer issues occur and strategize to resolve them.

This training can be delivered on line or in person

Target Group

This course is aimed front line staff, managers and supervisors and provides knowledge, tools and techniques to allow them to put the relevant policies, systems and procedures in place to ensure a sussessful customer exsperience and to equip their staff with customer service skills.

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