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Perhaps your problem is that you have been spending money on training but are not getting the expected results. Your officers are not able to properly apply what they have learnt. We can help you.

Or pershaps you need to improve your skills.  Invariably entrepreneurs have to improve their knowledg and skills of business management in critical areas and require training in specific areas

Businesses undertake projects in order to achieve their business objectives e.g launching a new product is a project. Could your problem be that you have projects to implement and need help.   A knowledge of Project Management is important for business success today as it gives you the knowledge, skills, tool and techniques required for project success.

Following is the listing of available Business Management courses and you can write for further information on any course.

Business Training Programmes for existing and prospective entrepreneurs and the general public include:

• Leadership
• Marketing
• Small business problems
• Advanced Risk Assessment Techniques,
• Report Writing,
• Recovery Management
• Portfolio Management.
Life skills training –
• Conflict Resolution
• Problem solving
• Setting and achieving goals
• Writing tender proposals

Our Specialized  Business Training Programmes


Business Training Programmes For Organizations

We also provide training for Officers of Small and Micro Enterprises And Non Government Organizations, Faith Based Organizations and Community Based Organizations.  We have:

• Designed, developed and delivered training to micro lenders (staff of credit unions) in Assessing Operational Effectiveness of Lending programmes

• Facilities training programmes in how to operate a micro credit facility

• Did workshops in Report Writing

Project Management Training

We also offer  project management training. We teach you how to properly plan, implement, monitor and control and close projects.   We have prepared courses in each area and have already presented more than 80% of the courses listed. We also prepare specialized programmes to meet specific needs.

Project Management Training Programmes include:

• Fundamentals of Project Management,
• Project Identification and Selection Strategies,
• Proposal Development and Costing
• Projects, design, implementation, closing and evaluation
• Project Integration and Professional Development,
• Contract administration and negotiation.
• Project Execution and Implementing Strategies,
• Procurement for Projects
• Quality Management,
• Risk Management
• Schedule Application Techniques
• Project Management for Administrative Professionals

Our special Project Management Courses are:

Proposal Writing Training for Non Profit Organizations

Building high performance teams

Project Monitoring and Control,

Project Management Made Easy

Winning Government Contracts: Procurement and Tendering Practices

Our Training Approach

Our facilitators are able to teach so that learning takes place. Exercises are job-related and often in the training we try to find solutions to problems being experienced in the workplace. We demonstrate how the theory can be applied to practical situations.

Training can be provided in classroom sessions, e-classroom or one to one sessions. Training targets prospective and existing entrepreneurs and business support staff including staff of non-government association, community development officers and officers of faith based organizations. We are also offered PMP training for those which that certification.

All courses can be tailored to meet the needs of the client.  Contact us for free consultation/discussion of your needs. 

How to Proceed

For Programmes listed under the programme drop box

Go to programme drop down box on the top menu, click on the programme you are looking for.  At the end of the programme page there is a registration button that you can click to register for the programme.  THERE IN NO REGISTRATION FEE.  

You can also just click the registration button below to register for a programme. 

If the programme you are interested in is not in the list click,  Contact Us to let us know of your request or call us at 1-868-350-9456