Associate degree in project management Cipriani college


The Associate Degree in Project Management- Cipriani College, targets applicants interested in a career in Project Management as well as working class citizens and those engaged in project management related work. The programme uniquely offers an array of theoretical and practical content across the major knowledge areas of project management which affords the applicant to skillfully manage diverse projects which are embarked upon by contemporary organizations seeking to enhance their competitive advantage.


Specifically, students who successfully complete the Associate degree in Project Management will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the skills in identifying, selecting and developing projects to increase the strategic value proposition and objectives of contemporary organizations.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the various project integrated management processes across the project life cycle: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, project closing, and archiving project documentation.
  3. Develop practitioner’s skills in creating and executing a project management plan to successfully manage small to large size organizational projects in terms of scope, schedule, cost, and quality.
  4. Develop and execute the subsidiary plans which support the project management plan in managing projects within project constraints.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in project governance, resource management, change control management, risk management, quality management, procurement management, and knowledge management in managing projects towards successful delivery.
  6. Develop the key skills required to undertake research across the five project management process groups: initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing of projects.
  7. Successfully complete and attain the internationally recognized Project management Qualification: Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute.


General Education Courses – 15 Credits

ENG 110 – Fundamentals of Writing – 3

MAT 100 – Mathematics- 3

LOG 120 – Critical Thinking- 3

CIS 100 – Introduction to Computer Information Systems- 3

RES 100 – Research Methods- 3

3 Credits Supporting Courses

LCS 199 – Labour and Co-operative Studies- 3

Programme Concentration Courses – 50 credits

PRM 115 – Management Concepts and Principles – 3

PRM 120 – Fundamentals of Project Manage- 3

PRM 125 – Project Identification and Selection Strategies- 3

PRM 135 – Proposal Development and Costing  -3

PRM 145 – Project Planning- 3

PRM 200 – Project Executing and Implementing Strategies -3

PRM 340 – Quantitative Methods for the Project Manager – 4

PRM 255 – Internship- 5

PRM 260 – Research Project- 5

PRM 210 – Fundamentals of Project Monitoring and Control- 3

PRM 225 – Quality Management- 3

PRM 240 – Risk Management -3

PRM 262 – Project Scheduling and Application techniques – 4

PRM 212 – Procurement for Projects – 3

Workshop I – Technical Report Writing- 1

Workshop II- Managing Project Teams  – 1

This degree will also prepare you to do the BSC Project Management Degree.

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