Business start up

Business Start Up

courtesy Pixabay
courtesy Pixabay

Have you been dreaming for years about having your own business?  The ideas keep rolling through your mind but before you can work on developing it, you or your friends and family talk you out of it.  With proper business planning assistance, you can get past your fears and with our assistance, you will be able to properly develop your business idea, and test the  business model to ensure that the business is one which will be successful. Our Business Start-Up Services can help you.

This post outlines  a short roadmap to the realization of your dreams.  The key to a good start is good planning.   

Our Business Start Up activities will help you to:

  • Select a form of organization and register the organization
  • Implement the plan- set up the business and establish all operating procedures and comply with all legal requirements
  • Develop promotional and business documents
  • Determine domain name, register domain and develop website
  • Start up operations- staffing/ start-up of production/accounting systems, etc.

We provide services in all the above areas. We look forward to serving you in this area.  Give us a call at 1868 3040929   or fill out the contact form using the link below.