Business Support Services

Business Planning Services


Our services in this area include helping you to:


• Select the preferred business idea
• Do the necessary research to determine the feasibility of the business idea- test the business model
• Prepare a business plan
• Determine funding sources

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Business Start Up Services


Our services in this area include helping you to:

• Prepare and submit a proposal for funding and obtain funding approval.
• Select a form of organization and register the business
• Prepare a project plan to start up the businesses
• Implement the project plan- set up the business and establish all operating procedures and comply with all legal requirements
• Develop promotional and business documents
• Set up a website inclusive of – determination of a domain name, register domain and develop website
• Startup operations- staffing/ startup of production/accounting systems, etc.

Business Development Services

Business success

Our services in this area include helping you to:

• Determine of your business needs and development and implementation of plans to realize your business objectives be they to resolve problems, exploit opportunities, meet legal requirements or satisfy needs
• Develop operating procedures and manuals so that your workers are able to work more efficiently.
• Design, plan and implementation of projects required by your organizations.
• Set up proper systems to monitor and control the business operations
• Design and deliver training programmes for you and your staff that meet your requirements including also:

o Training on the various aspects of entrepreneurship
o Professional development training
o Project Management
o Strategic thinking
o Life skills training which is the key to personal development

We also provide consultancy in business development and life skills development.

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