Introduce you to Cipriani's Certificate in Project Management


Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies offers a One (1) year (Part Time) Project Management Certificate.

This programme provides a detailed entry level qualification into Project Management at a practitioner’s level.   Graduates of the Project Management Certificate  with a GPA of at least 2.0 have the opportunity to matriculate into the Diploma in Project Management or the Associate degree in Project Management and the Bachelor’s degree in Project Management.


Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to:

a.   Explain the basic concepts and principles of    project management
b.   Identify the basic project management skills  and techniques necessary to plan and manage projects.
c.   Analyse the social, financial and non-financial issues which impact on project management
d.   Evaluate and apply the methods of selecting projects
e.   Prepare a winning proposal with appropriate costing and budgeting.


Year I Semester I   – 9 Credits
PRM 115   Managing Concepts and Principles –  3 credits
PRM 120   Fundamentals of Project Management –  3 credits
ENG 110    Fundamentals of Writing  3 credits

Year 1 Semester 11 – 9 Credits

PRM 125   Project Identification and Selection – 3 credits
PRM 135   Proposal Development and Costing – 3 credits
COM 201   Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills -3 credits


PRM 120 is a prerequisite for all other Project Management courses. It must be done in Semester I before continuing with other Project Management courses.


Our Project Management Certificate Programme offers more than the certicate programmes of other institutions. It introduces the student to:

Fundamentals of Project Management PRM 120  which covers concepts such as projects and project management; project life cycle; project management process groups; describes the differences between projects, programmes and portfolio management; discusses the role of the project, programme and portfolio manager and introduces the project management knowledge areas.

Management Concepts and Principles PRM 115 that will help project managers find innovative solutions to the problems that plague organizations in their dynamic business environments

Fundamentals of Writing ENG 110 that prepares them to express them self properly in their written work

Project Identification and Selection PRM 125 which equips students to select projects which are in alignment to the strategic goals of businesses and their environment

Proposal Development and Costing-PRM 135 which equips students to develop and   present   the   project   proposal   to financial agencies and other relevant stakeholders

Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills COM 210 which equips students in the areas of technical report writing and presentation skills.


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