Diploma in Project Management Cipriani College

Diploma in Project Management-Cipriani College

The Diploma in Project Management, Cipriani college, provides a comprehensive foundation into Project Management from a practitioner’s perspective. With a curriculum that is driven by the industry’s needs in Project Management and aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge by the Project Management Institute, the Diploma in Project Management offers graduates the capacity to successfully transition into the Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the basic tools, techniques, principles, practices, and methodologies of Project Management
  2. Utilize the tools and techniques of project management relative to the ten knowledge areas according to PMBOK, 6th Edition
  3. Identify the financial requirements of a project and explain why these are essential to the successful planning of the project.
  4. Acquire the tools necessary to understand the financial market place and to make decisions on funding requirements and expected returns from project investments.
  5. Identify the tools used for tracking project cost, schedule, and quality performance.


Mandatory Courses to be completed Credits

  1. PRM 115 Management Concepts and Principles – 3 credits
  2. PRM 120 Fundamentals of Project Management – 3 credits
  3. PRM 125 Project Identification and Selection Strategies  – 3 credits
  4. PRM 135 Proposal Development And Costing – 3 credits
  5. PRM 145 Fundamentals of Project Planning – 3 credits
  6. PRM 170 Project Scheduling – 3 credits
  7. PRM 200 Project Executing and Implementing strategies – 3 credits
  8. PRM 210 Fundamentals of Project Monitoring and Control –  3 credits

General Education Courses

  1. CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3
  2. COM 201 Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills 3
  3. LOG 120 Critical Thinking 3 MAT 100 Mathematics 3
  4. ENG 110 Fundamentals of Writing 3 Pre-Requisites


PRM 120 is a pre-requisite for all other Project Management courses. It must be completed in Semester I before continuing other Project Management courses.

PRM 145 is a pre-requisite for PRM 200.


Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Project Management of Cipriani, students with the appropriate experience will be able to apply for the following positions:

  1. Project Officer: A Project Officer provides essential support to a project, working with the Project Manager and other team members to achieve project success. A key component of a Project Officers’ roles include administrative and technological skills to help achieve project objectives.
  2. Project Clerk: A Project Clerk assists the project manager(s) in the development and administration of technical cooperation programmes and provides secretarial and administrative support.


For those of you who are interested in pursuing a one year introductory programme in project management check out Cipriani’s Certificate in Project Management Programme. 

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You can contact the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies by filling out the information for found by clicking this link.