FFTS, Our Business Development Company

Taking Your Business to the Next Level
Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services is  a business development company whose mandate is to provide consultancy services to businesses, government and non-government organizations to assist them to achieve their goals and objectives.

My name is Theresa Frederick and I am the founder and Business and Project Management Consultant of Frederick’s Financial and Technical Services (FFTS).  I am a business and project management consultant and trainer.  I worked in the micro, small and medium enterprise development for more than twenty years having held management positions in both the Agricultural Development Bank and the Business Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago.  I also worked with local and international organizations including the European Union, United Nations Development Programme, DFID, etc.

With a strong background in working with local businesses, International Organizations and the Agricultural and Business Sectors, the company provides a wide range of services among them being Project and Business Management training; Business Management Services; Life Skills Training; Customer Service Training, Project Design, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing and Evaluation of Projects; Writing of Books and Procedural Manuals; Sector studies and Other Research and Strategic Interventions.  In this area, Ms Frederick will be assisted by associates with proven track records.

The company  is driven by needs of our clients and responds with services that facilitate the development of their businesses. We understand and respect our clients’ challenges especially those of government and we will work to win their confidence and positively address their most challenging needs.  We provide practical insight and tangible support that help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Our main focus is on helping potential entrepreneurs to properly startup businesses and existing ones to solve their business problems and grow their businesses – hence our tag line “Growing Businesses”.  This is done together with Associate Consultants whose knowledge and experience are able to assist the entrepreneur to resolve their business problems.


To facilitate the establishment of successful businesses that reflect both creativity and innovation and thus are able to stand the test of time and that are headed by empowered individuals.


To deliver quality business management, project management and life skills services to clients so that they will improve their business processes, achieve customer/stakeholder satisfaction and personal and business objectives.

This will be done through:

  1. The delivery of high quality, professional training and consultancy services that meet customer needs and are delivered in a manner that is easily understood
  2. Ensuring customer interaction and feedback in the conduct of our consultancies
  3. Transferring knowledge to and sharing experience with clients thus improving their knowledge base.
  4. I will choose, if needed, an associate that has the relevant qualifications and experience to appropriately address your problems/requirements

 Core competence include:

Portfolio Management, Project Management inclusive of evaluating project results with specialization in procurement management,  Business Management, Project and Business Management Training, Life Skills facilitation, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Developing Strategic Initiatives to Support the Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) Sector, Feasibility studies; Proposal writing; Policy formulation and analysis and  Accounting.