Our Approach and the benefits


We have a wide range of training programmes which are very interactive and practical as we use situations that you encounter and equip you to implement solutions we design together. Our consultancy is aimed at assisting you to resolve existing problems, implement new ideas and operate and grow successful businesses.

Our approach to resolving your problem and or meeting your need, etc. is as follows:

  • We assist you in self-examination to determine your needs, the existing situation of your business and your future plans for your business
  • We develop with your input a plan to resolve your existing problems, meet legal requirements or exploit opportunities and guide you in its implementation.
  • We undertake executive and personal coaching thus transferring knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt and empowering you
  • We provide business consultancy and training on site but can work online.  Our approach is very thorough. We will help you to achieve your objectives through business development and skills training, the development and implementation of projects, institutional strengthening of staff, optimization of available resources and development of systems that work.  Our consultancy can be done in person, on a per hour basis, on a retainer basis or for a specific number of days per week or online.
  • We have core training programmes that we offer but we can customize them to address unique and specific needs of organizations. They are very interactive and focus on participants being able to apply what was taught. They are provided in a classroom setting, online or on a one to one basis.  We utilize a mix of teaching and other strategies and resources.

We are flexible in the delivery of our services and will work with you according to your timetable and preferred method of delivery.

The Benefit of using FFTS

1. We transfer to our clients, lessons learnt from our experiences in project management, business and life skills development. All of these disciplines are important for business success and continued growth.
2. We work with you to utilize the best practices for your company so that efficiency of production, service, etc. are achieved. In this regard, we take into consideration our country’s uniqueness and culture and your particular situation.
3. You will receive executive and personal coaching by experienced business, Project Management, and Life Skills professionals to enable you to develop the skills needed for success.
4. We help you to adopt a system of continually examining your business and the environment as its impacts the business so that you are not caught off guard but can plan for the future and/or respond appropriately to changes in your environment. You will, therefore, be in a position to exploit opportunities, and reduce the negative effect of threats to your business.
5. Stakeholders, inclusive of financiers, will have a positive perception of your business

6 Perhaps your issue is general uncertainty with respect to key aspects of your business.  In this global environment, many small business persons anguish about uncertainty as to how to properly set up, manage and grow a business, the future, and its coming trends, competitive action, possible government action that can have a negative impact on its business, etc. Such uncertainty leads them to adopt a short-term focus with the resulting stunting of the growth of the company. We will work to remove the uncertainty with which you approach your business operations.