Training Programmes

qudratisch-273424_6401      Project Management Made Easy

This is the same name as my facebook page that seeks to reassure persons that they can learn and apply principles of project management. My unique selling point is that as a life skills facilitator I am able to ensure that learning takes place and so can break down the technical project management language so that it can be easily understood. I have experience in many types of projects and can assist you to resolve existing problems or just learn a new and wonderful field.  Contact me for more information on this training programme.  A training workshop is scheduled to start in September.  This can also be held on line or at a site to be arranged.

2    Writing Winning Proposalsconstruction-workers-60585_640

Have you gone to a training programme that purports to train you on how to prepare procurement proposals but at the end you are told every thing about procurement and the procurement processes of Trinidad and Tobago but little about how you are to go about responding to a Request for Proposal.

This procurement course has been held for members of the Fair Share Programme who are on the government’s list.  It comes out of the need to teach persons how to prepare proposals.  It will cover how you determine which proposals to go after and all that has to be done to prepare the proposal and ensure compliance with the requirements.  The course fee includes my book on Procurement Management.

Call to discuss my having a class for you or your workers or fill out the contact form.

3   Monitoring and Controlling the Projectquality-control-571148_640

Do you know that in order to properly monitor and control projects, in the Planning Phase of the project, the performance and other metrics have to be set.  You have to determine what is the success criteria for your projects and ensure proper milestones are established.  But most of all you have to know the tools and techniques of monitoring and controlling projects and how to use them. You also have to determine the reporting and other requirements of your key stakeholders and prepare proper reporting formats so that you capture and present relevant information as and when required.   You also have to have proper change control procedures in place and follow them.  It sounds like a lot of work but it can be the difference between success and failure of your projects.

This course will help you to improve in this vital area of monitoring and controlling your projects and it also addresses project reporting.  Call and let us discuss your needs or fill out the contact form.

4    Project Troubleshooting head-68535 (1)s

Do you have a project that is in trouble and you just do not know what to do?  It is on the ground literally in pieces and you know that it is vital to your organization.  Let us take a look at it and discuss with you the project issues and suggest ways of overcoming them.

It can also be that you have done project after project and have not had success as the problems they were to address remains.  It could be a design problem or implementation problems.  Call us, one of the classes I teach is Project Identification and Selection. If you select the wrong project your money just goes down the drain.

These are just a few of our programmes but visit our Training and Consulting sections and you will get more information on the wide range of training that can be given.