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Welcome to this site which is dedicated to equipping prospective and existing entrepreneurs with the head-113927_640knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to have successful businesses.  You may be considering becoming an entrepreneur.  Webster defines the entrepreneur as one who undertakes to start and run an enterprise or business, usually assuming full control and risk.

Entrepreneurship has many advantages among them being the possibility of earning more money than you can earn from a salary,  self-employment, being your own boss, of pride, the sense of independence and ownership of the accomplishment, etc. (See are you ready for entrepreneurship).

We are here to assist you to overcome the many disadvantages of going into business among them being  you can be sued for all debts of the business and you have legal and financial obligations for employees and to the government that you have to adhere to. In addition, the skills needed for business success are changing and you need to have on board or be able to access the skills, resources, networks, etc. needed for business success.   All of this can be very overwhelming to you.

We are a Business Solutions consultancy with specific knowledge and experience in small and medium enterprise development in Trinidad and Tobago having worked with the Agricultural Development Bank and the Business Development Company and with other local and International Organizations. We deliver unique solutions in keeping with the client’s requirements.

We equip prospective and existing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to have successful businesses. We help them to better understand the operations of their business and work with them to resolve problems, institutionally strength staff and grow their businesses.

Our Core Services include:

Business Planning and Management Services

Business Planning and Proposal Development Services (writing and reviewing the plan and proposal as well as assistance with sourcing funding )
Business startup services (assistance with the selection of the form of business, evelopment of promotional material, establishment/outfitting of the business, development of systems of operations, manuals, staffing and website development)

Business Development and Consultancy Services

  • Determination of your business needs and development and implementation of plans to realize your business objectives be they to resolve problems, exploit opportunities, meet legal requirements or satisfy needs
  • Development of operating procedures and manuals so that your workers are able to work more efficiently.
  • Design, plan and implementation of projects required by your organizations.

Strategic Plan Development – we will work with you to develop your strategic plan.

Training. We design and deliver training programmes for you and your staff that meet your requirements including:

  • Training on the various aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Professional development training
  • Project Management Training
  • Strategic thinking
  • Life skills training which the key to personal development is. (See also our sister website www.supportbistt.com)

Career Management (resumes, business etiquette, advice on networks, etc.)

We have core training programmes that we offer but we can customize programmes training programmes to address unique and specific needs of the organizations.  They are very interactive and focus on participants being able to apply what was taught.   They are provided in a classroom setting, one line or one to one basis.  Our consultancy can be done in person on a per hour basis, on a retainer basis or for a specific number of days per week or online.

Website Development

We develop websites for customers and can manage them or give them the training to manage them on their own.  For a look at some of our websites developed view www.fftsbiz.com; www. supportbistt.com, https://www.fftsbiz.com/and www.caribbeanwritersmarketplace.com

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