How to make your business look impressive

The virtual office - pixabay

How does your business look?

The virtual office - pixabayHave you stopped to consider how you and your business  look in the eyes of customers you are trying to attract?   What image is your physical and online presence portraying?

The image of you and your business is important as it can sell or destroy your business.  Today there are many blog posts written to advise persons on how to make the business look big while it is still small or still growing.

One can ask, what is the virtue of this?  This is not meant to deceive potential customers.  You have to put the structure, personnel, etc. in place to handle increased work, efficiently and effectively.  Portraying your business as bigger than it is important because:

  •  size matters.  Many persons are hesitant to take their business to a one man shop.
  • it helps, in the long run, to place your business before the eyes of important customers.
  • it improves your chances of success.
  • It helps to grow your business.

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Safeguards to ensure that you reap the benefits of this strategy

How can this be done?

  1. Clearly define the products or services you are providing to your customers, stressing the problems, etc, that they experience and that you are capable of solving.
  2. Identify a niche market that you market to.
  3. Put the structure in place to ensure that you can satisfy your clients.  Link up with a cadre of support persons who will work with you to satisfy your customers’ needs.  You should ensure that these persons are capable of delivering proper, timely, service/products.  Many consulting firms have associate consultants they work with from time to time.  They are called in based on their qualifications, experience and track record and the requirements of the job.  You have to do the background checks on persons with whom you want to work, as a bad job done by them can adversely affect your company’s reputation.
  4. You can work from home but locate a building where you can have meetings.  In Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere, many businesses have conference rooms that they rent out.  You can arrange client meetings in these businesses.  Choose one that fits your needs and with whom you will be associated.
  5. You can also arrange for virtual assistants to handle your communication needs.

Key things to be done to ensure that your business looks good to your clients

  1. Have a properly designed and up to date website.  This can be done relatively cheaply using WordPress free themes.  Ensure you continually update your website.
  2. Develop a marketing plan.  Ensure a strong social media presence.
  3. Ensure you solve customers problems.  Your home page should reflect not just your products and services but the focus should be on the fact that your company solves specific problems your clients’ experience.
  4. Ensure persons visiting your website  can easily access your services.  Have a website that is easily negotiated and has contact information.
  5. Set up the website to capture emails and provide your subscribers with a forth-nightly newsletter.  Some companies send out mail daily but this can become a nuisance to persons.  You have to watch your unsubscribe rates.
  6. Do not take work that you cannot personally do.  This is essential in the event that  you are disappointed by someone you assigned to a job or your associates are not able to accept the work.
  7. Scheduling is very important.  Do not take more work than you can be reasonably handled in a given period.
  8. Solve customers problems and ensure their satisfaction.
  9. Dress the part.  You represent your company, so pay some attention to how you look.
  10. Clean up your surroundings if you have a physical location that persons visit.
  11. Prepare a presentation.  You have to market your business and so must be prepared to sell your business to your prospective customers.

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