Tips for small businesses in 2022-The New Normal

the new normal 2022
Tips for small businesses -2022 the new normal
Tips for small businesses – the new normal 2022

The year 2021 has been one of shut downs of many businesses as the countries of the world grapple with covid 19 and the many issues it brings. So what are some tips for small businesses in the year 2022.

It is a time to use not only your business management skills but also your project management and computer skills as it requires that you use a mix of skills to solve the many problems you will face.

Tips for small busineses in the new normal 2022:

  1. Revisit your vision and mission with relevant norms and values given the changing environment and changing buyer patterns. This requires you to do a SWOT analysis.  This will help you to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   A SWOT analysis should be continually done as the environment changes continually and you have to continue to be relevant.  Be prepared to change/add to your niche market and to refashion your business in keeping with the changes made. Remember the strategies of 2020 may not necessarily work in 2022. In this environment you have to continually examine your opportunities and threats inclusive of new trends in the operations of small businesses and make the required adjustments, if you want to continue to be relevant
  2. Determine how to retain and /or attract good workers and put the plan into action.  Ensure among the skills and competences required are those with a knowledge of the use of internet for business, social media and marketing. 
  3. Be prepared to modify and or reformulate your products/services to meet the determined market.  also ensure that the organizational culture is in line with your new or improved direction.
  4. Network with other business owners.  It may be useful to join a local business organization that caters to your products/services.  Work with your community groups as they may know of opportunities at the local level that you can explore.  For a more expanded view of networking visit the following link –
  5. You cannot see the world as your market, try first for your country.  Join a local business organization in your field and become active in it so that your contribution matters
  6. Do not be intimidated by the big stores.  Ensure that you can quickly contract your customers especially when you have sales.  Remember once your pricing is not way above that of the others, customers like to buy from persons they know and trust. Find ways to capture information on your customers.  This is especially important when you change locations.  Name, address, email address, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  are important data to capture. Customers may freely disclose such information if they know it will benefit them.
  7. Get to know how to operate social media if you do not have someone on your staff with this knowledge.  You need a strong online presence.  There are several videos on YouTube that can help you to start.  You can search for “how to start social media marketing”   The following link is a good start –  You also need to know how to do search engine optimization -SEO.  This link can provide details on it.
  8. It will be useful to stay in contact with your suppliers especially local suppliers, who should have an idea of your upcoming material needs.  You may wish to explore local substitutes for some of your imported supplies/materials. This will ensure that in instances in which your supply chain is unable to deliver in a timely fashion, you do not have your business adversely affected.
  9. Remember to take care of yourself as invariably you are the business.  Also 
  10. Other sources of information include; and